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Dual Boot Win98/WinNT WorkStation 4.0

Hopefully, Windows NT 4.0 supports all your applications, but if it doesn't, you may still need to install and run more than one operating system. Just exit installation by pressing F3 twice. Seconds until highlighted choice will be started: 29 For troubleshooting and advanced starttup options for Windows 2000, press F8 The first choice was highlighted. When you use third party disk partitioning programs along with the Windows NT Disk Administrator utility and the Format command, they allow a maximum FAT16 partition size of 4GB by using check over here

This is document ahcq in the Knowledge Base. If this Linux/Windows 2000 Dual-Boot scenario sounds familiar to you, click here for a solution. If you install it after installing Win 2K it will overwrite the C:\BOOT.INI file you will not be able to dual-boot. 4. When you arrive at the Windows 98/Me desktop, click the Start button. see here

Multiple-boot configurations with Windows NT and Windows 95, etc. Unique Computer Name You can set up a computer so that it has multiple installations of Windows XP on multiple partitions. NT cannot identify them. These typically include NT related entries, but must also include entries that point to other operating systems if the Boot Loader is to function as desired.

  • Assuming that you've installed Win98 on a FAT32 primary or active partition and installed NT on an NTFS extended partition or on a separate hard disk, you can follow these steps:
  • Some are primary and some are logical in an extended partition.
  • Install the programs used by each operating system on the partition with that system.
  • Time has come to install Windows98.
  • Often this problem is due to the fact that both NT installation have the same name.
  • Now, to create Windows NT and Linux multi-boot configuration, install Linux on the FAT16 partition of your choice and install LILO in the first sector of the Linux partition (the superblock
  • If you don't want to use this (really easy to use, free and excellent) software, you can do all this manually.
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If you are only using one disk, you can also use this HOWTO, you just have to make some minor modifications. In the event this happens to you, you will need to use your Emergency Repair Disk or the Windows NT Setup Disks to recreate or restore the file. Start your computer, Setup starts automatically Follow the instructions that appear Dual boot Windows 9x/Windows NT 4.0/2000 Windows 2000 supports multiple booting with MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, What do I mean?

You can do this by pressing F8 at the beginning of the Windows98 boot-process. Boot from the disk like you always do. o Install a new copy of Windows 2000 (Clean Install) ... For a dual boot of Windows 2000 with Windows 95 or MS-DOS, the primary partition must be formatted as FAT; for a dual boot with Windows 95 OSR2 or Windows 98,

As you install them, they are automatically added to the boot.ini file on your C drive, which lets you choose operating systems at start up. Microsoft, NT, BackOffice, MCSE, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Scroll to the unpartitioned space and press the C key to create a new partition for Win 2K. 14. The mbr is reserved for NT.

On large hard drives I just partition them to the limit for a FAT16 partition and do the same thing over. Get More Info You should point Lilo to the root partition (/ or hdc5) instead of the mbr when you are prompted to specify where the bootsector must be created. How to Remove Windows 98 When It Is Part of a Dual Boot with Windows 2000 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 285480 - This article describes how to remove an operating system, The best way to configure your system to support a dual boot is to use either an additional hard drive or a third-party disk partition program (e.g., Partition Magic or System

I first specified the bootpartition here (/boot or hdc2). http://pseudoblog.net/dual-boot/dual-boot-2-drives-ok-but-get-ntldr-when-i-change-boot-bios-settings.html For resources about how to configure an NT multiboot system to boot directly to MS-DOS, see "Multibooting Resources." Source: Windows 2000 Magazine (July 1999) Troubleshooting:Known Bugs and Issues 'Blue Screen' I partitioned a 2GB hard disk with three partitions, 50MB, 950MB, and 1GB. On any partition where you perform a new installation of Windows XP (as opposed to an upgrade), you will need to re-install any programs, such as word processing or email software,

The reason for this is quite simple: if the second drive isn't inserted, Windows98 will be installed on the d: drive. Leave the rest of the disk unpartitioned!!! If the computer is on a Windows 2000 Server domain, each installation of Windows XP on that computer must have a different computer name. this content Will Johansson I'm penta(something)*-booting: NT 4.0, Win2k, Linux, and BeOS.

That pretty graphic list shows up perfectly, however the only choice is Linux. YaST will also ask you whether it should activate this partition. The products referenced in this site are provided by parties other than LabMice.net.

Now you are ready to install Windows NT.

Allow you to hide selected partitions, such as multiple additional primary partitions, from individual operating system installations. This program is also offering you read-only capacities only. Or, partition your drive so it has one partition for Windows 9X, SE, or Me (we'll call it Win 9X from now on) and enough free space (unpartitioned space) for the Be Sociable, Share!

Copyright ©1995-2001 DEW Associates Corporation. JSI Tip 7238. If you are installing Win 2000 with NT 4 on a partition using NTFS, you must have Service Pack 4 for NT 4 which contains updates that enable NT 4 to have a peek at these guys The only problem I have run into so far is that when booting into Win2000 AS, all the WinNT 4.0 NTFS partitions cause minor errors to occur since they have not

Compressed DriveSpace or DoubleSpace volumes won’t be available while you are running Windows XP. Automatically detect existing operating system installations across multiple drives and partitions and build a menu with the option to boot each of those operating systems. User your turbo switch to to activate single pole switch your master jumpers on your disks leave bios in auto detect on drives and off and running! There are other ways to accomplish the same task, but none are this easy!

Boot to Win 9X. 5. DON'T let YaST activate this partition. JSI Tip 4122. I installed Win 2K into the free space.

From the A:\ prompt, enter: format C: You must format each partition. Windows 98 is intended as an upgrade to Windows 95 and will try to use the same boot file. You receive critical and non-critical errors after you install Windows 2000 for dual boot? As the table above shows, FAT16 is a common denominator across several operating systems.

In the textbased setup stage you will be asked where you want the NT-files to be stored. Type d:\setup. The third choice started Win Me. Although using NTFS in a dual boot is supported, such a configuration introduces additional complexity into the choice of file systems.

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