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We provided an AT&T spokesperson with details on these cases and the others that we’ll describe. Together, these stories highlight a confounding situation involving minimal oversight, miscommunication, and millions of customers left with sub-broadband speeds or no Internet service at all. Please try the request again. With no competition to speak of, most of these telcos intend to cherry pick only the most profitable areas over the next decade (housing developments, university dorms), then pretend these deployments

AT&T att.com att.net Account Settings Support BrowseA-Z EnEspañol Mail News Sports Finance Weather Entertainment Health Screen U-verse att.com More CopaAmérica Groups Answers Movies Music TV Shopping Travel Autos Homes att.net Search DSL technology is "distance sensitive" because its performance decreases significantly as you get further away from this hub.Service glitches. Ars calculated those numbers based entirely on AT&T's public statements. and dailup service went to Hell apparently forcing them to refocus and reduce coverage, or something.

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Residential DSL services often provide higher bandwidth for downloads than for uploads, as most customers spend more time in network downloading activities. Customers who in September 2013 subscribed to a speed tier with advertised speeds between 15 to 30 Mbps via cable and FTTH service, switched to a higher tier within the following There is no cable, we live 5 miles out of their "area" and our county has no other cable provider than Comcast who is not planning on expanding internet offering.[reply to With each inquiry, we have been met with the reply that all ports are currently full,” one person wrote on AT&T’s support forums last year. “This is our only practical option

If they were forced into competition, or forced to act as if they had competition at the very least, it would be better.The truth, in my opinion, is that it doesn't AT&T certified to the Federal Communications Commission that it met its obligation in February 2008, and the FCC did not contest this claim. Actual Vs. Dsl Providers The report notes that fewer than 10% of customers of each of those companies were unable to attain an average download speed of at least 95% of the advertised broadband speed.

Mbps 5.35 Mbps N/A N/A 20M/20Mbps** 18.55 Mbps 19.92 Mbps N/A N/A 25M/25Mbps 27.56 Mbps 25.14 Mbps 15.21 ms 0.18% 35M/35Mbps 40.44 Mbps 36.77 Mbps 13.95 ms 0.18% 50M/20Mbps** 47.95 Mbps At&t Dsl Speeds My ISP, Sonic, is offering ATT bonded adsl lines or U-Verse for the same price as my old 6M/768K line. This chart compares upload and download performance during peak usage periods across all ISPs. This is bad news because there are plenty of customers in AT&T territory who lack a good home Internet connection and have to rely on smartphones, mobile hotspots, or satellite, with

At various times, AT&T representatives said there weren’t enough “lines” or “ports” available to offer Lewis the existing DSL service. Dsl Speed Test Advertisement Four DSL providers—Verizon, CenturyLink, Frontier, and Windstream—will also receive letters for delivering speeds significantly slower than advertised. Unbelievable. Skip to main content LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Search Api Page search block form Search Top Menu Cable Wireless Resources Events Jobs Subscribe Main navigation Telecom Operators Regulatory Financial Installer Enterprise Main

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My very small hometown was one of Earthlink's notably early adopters of cable Internet service and it was excellent, but short story short, that's now Atlantic Broadband which sucks. In extreme cases, a very slow Wi-Fi connection between a computer and a wireless home network will not keep pace with the speed of the DSL Internet connection. Verizon Dsl Speeds EU!The problem is we're very large, and nobody gives two shits about the areas where money is harder to make because doing so would require foresight, empathy, and strategic thinking.[reply to Dsl In My Area During peak times of day, the FCC found, cable broadband delivered 102 percent of advertised download speeds and 111 percent of advertised upload speeds.

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In a FCC filing, CenturyLink said that it wants clarity on how Measurement Lab servers collect information on the quality of its DSL connections through its Measuring Broadband America (MBA) program. Still, the FCC maintains that broadband providers, regardless of technology or the cost of the service they're offering, have an obligation to deliver the network speeds they advertise. "We fully expect Jon Brodkin - Jun 11, 2015 1:00 pm UTC Aurich Lawson / Thinkstock reader comments 309 Share this story Mark Lewis and his wife bought a house in Winterville, Georgia, in And in terms of consistency, Windstream's 1.5 Mbps speed tier of service was notable for delivering only 78 percent of advertised speeds, a low among all ISPs at all speed tiers,

Name required Email required Website Click here to cancel reply. What Is Dsl Internet Email jon.brodkin@arstechnica.com // Twitter @JBrodkin reader comments 309 Share this story You must login or create an account to comment. ← Previous story Next story → Related Stories Sponsored Stories Powered Cable companies singled out in the report one year for poor performance (like Cablevision) would return the next having notably upgraded provisioned speeds for fear of bad PR.

According to the FCC, “when DSL is used to provide broadband service, the maximum advertised download speeds among the most popular service tiers has remained generally unchanged since 2011.” Findings were

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  3. It's just not keeping the promises it made to the customers who pay less.
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  5. Many providers offer a choice of DSL services with different bandwidth ratings.DSL Speed of Downloading and UploadingYour DSL speed can change depending on how you use the network.DSL providers often advertise
  6. Although service providers increased average DSL consumer speeds, the FCC noted that "popular maximum DSL speed offerings have stayed largely stagnant since 2011, with most DSL providers offering maximum download rates

While Frontier’s maximum download speed remained 25 Mbps across reporting periods, Verizon’s maximum popular download speed more than doubled from 25 Mbps to 75 Mbps in 2012, then remained at that For more information, go to att.com/speed101. Along with this answer, there is the promise for someone to follow up with us within 5-7 work days. Dsl Vs Cable Article How Fast Is a Cell Phone Modem for Wireless Internet?

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. The neighbors also have AT&T DSL service providing about 3Mbps. “The previous owners had left their DSL modem and everything in the house,” Lewis told Ars. The FCC also noted significant congestion at so-called "peering" or interconnection points in some broadband networks. However, popular maximum DSL speed offerings have not kept up with that growth.

FCC The issue of whether consumers get the service they pay for has come to the forefront recently as the public debates the FCC's controversial Net neutrality rules and as the Very old computers lacking sufficient processing power or memory cannot keep pace with a high-speed DSL connection. Not holding my breath.[reply to this|link to this|view in chronology] Mat (profile), 5 Jan 2016 @ 1:04pm Re:For Frontier DSL in the above, and note, that's the modem's provisioning, not a AT&T's new promise: Broadband for more, but millions will be left out AT&T says that it is no longer economically feasible to offer wired Internet service in 25 percent of its 22-state copper footprint. (Edit: Now 21

I won't identify the telco, but let's just say their connection was good only for streaming wind.[reply to this|link to this|view in chronology] Karl Bode (profile), 5 Jan 2016 @ 7:35am Save me a cookie Close Have a Techdirt Account? Some telcos like CenturyLink have been critical of the FCC's broadband speed collection efforts. Verizon High Speed Internet service performed on average within the advertised range of expected speeds.  Fios broadband performance Speed tier Download speed Upload speed Latency Packet Loss 10M/2Mbps** 10.64 Mbps 1.99

What the FCC had to say about this could be important at a time when the commission is considering how to get broadband to areas of the country that are most Step One To Embracing A Lack Of Scarcity: Recognize What Market You're Really In read all » Techdirt Deals Report this ad|Hide Techdirt ads Techdirt Insider Chat Join the Insider His neighbors have 3Mbps DSL service, but he hasn’t been able to get AT&T to hook him up in the nine months since he bought a house. “As far as DSL, every Main Submit a Story RSS Daughters Sue 'Big Bang Theory' Over...>> <

Usually for $50 (or more, if they're forced to bundle a landline they don't want).[reply to this|link to this|view in chronology] Carlie Coats, 5 Jan 2016 @ 7:44am Re: Re: Yes, All of our neighbors have service and as this is the only practical option in the area, I do not foresee anyone canceling their service.

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