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Does Anyone Use Mozilla On Dial-up?

Thanks a lot Dennis July 18, 2011 on 12:23 am Reply I haven't tested it on Firefox mobile… But I doubt you can apply these there. Atif junaid khan But this can be used on dial-up connections too, although the speed will not be dramatically better. Find button can be used to copy proxy settings from Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. "Use FTP in PASV" option means that passive mode of FTP protocol will be used. Well impressed! aby January 24, 2009 on 10:56 am Reply Thanks for sharing these tweaks.

Dennis September 1, 2012 on 11:01 pm Reply You're welcome! Mohammed September 1, 2012 on 11:55 pm Reply Works great for me. Dennis February 16, 2012 on 5:14 pm Reply If you experience that problem, then just revert the 3. I can't speak for the usage of others, but I use the back and forward buttons frequently, and I find the relatively small amount of memory used by this option to Now, I browse much more faster thanks to these tips! https://support.mozilla.org/questions/991578

Click on Connect to the Internet, then click the Next button. But that what you are talking about could be true for slower computers and for those with dial-up connection maybe… Rishodi August 20, 2010 on 5:59 pm Reply I'm going It was much slower after I did this "hack." GenniCe January 23, 2009 on 1:36 pm Reply No, it doesn't slow down video streaming on YouTube or any other video streaming

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  2. IDM integrates into Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla , Netscape, and many other popular browsers by default.
  3. So enjoy!
  4. Thanks!
  5. GenniCe January 25, 2009 on 9:08 pm Reply The double and triple part is not out of window.
  6. In list box you can select a connection to use with IDM.
  7. As to these hacks: removing caching will, in almost all cases, decrease performance, but may seem to improve it to the casual observer.
  8. In this case you should uncheck "Start download immediately while showing Download File Info dialog" box.
  9. You can also set the number of redials (0 - endlessly) and time interval between them.
  10. I'm going to try these new setting right now, to try and bring my speed up so I can start using Firefox for my everyday.
  11. SA December 18, 2010 on

Board index All times are UTC - 8 hours [ DST ] Login FAQ / Rules Register Search Boards : Knowledge Base: knowledge base chat about fr ja es mozillaZine is The first time i glance at this guide, i knew i should follow the 2 tweak and i did. You can disable "Download Complete" dialog using "Show download complete dialog" box. http requests open sockets and take CPU power.

If you need to integrate IDM into a new browser, or any application that use HTTP and FTP download protocols, please check"Detect New Applications" box. Thus while you are thinking about where to place a file after downloading on "Download File Info" dialog, the file may be downloaded partially or completely. We're not affiliated or endorsed by the Mozilla Corporation but we love them just the same. https://support.mozilla.org/questions/955431 You can save username and password in phone book by clicking on Apply button.

I'll certainly share it and personally suggest to my friends. Read on to find out how to do this. Such a great post, thanks dear. Husic October 24, 2011 on 11:51 pm Reply This article is definitely a win.

This is a lot of data. I suppose it all boils down to how big a threat the Chrome OS is. You can test selected sound by using Play button. S.

The advanced browser integation can be used to integrate IDM into any application that uses FTP, or HTTP protocols. If you could help me resolve the issue, but keep my speed up at the same time, it would be greatly appreciated. This program is part of the operating system. you actually saved me from buying new ram.

Additionally, Firefox does not support pipelining more than 8 requests, so setting this preference for any value greater than 8 will not change the maximum of 8 pipelined requests, contrary to Dialog has seven tabs: General, Fyle Types, Connection, Save To, Downloads, Proxy, Site logins, Dial-Up, Sounds. This is the most useful tip that I have found online since ever! I had hopes that Firefox 4.0 would be better than the last version. coolhandz April 6, 2011 on 11:33 pm Reply I just used #2 on this list, it seemed

That will make your browser wait until the whole page is finished loading. Site Logins tab Site Logins tab (available only in registered version) is used for making a list of login information for the sites that demand authorization. The author appears to be confused here as well.

Setting it to 0 will force Firefox to re-parse pages, thus slowing performance, when the back and forward buttons are used.

Click on New button to add new URL and Username/Password information. About MozillaZine Knowledge Base - Disclaimers MozillaZine and the MozillaZine Logo Copyright © 1998-2007 MozillaZine. Enabling pipelining does NOT mean that the browser will open additional connections to the same hostname. This page has been accessed 139,939 times.

Try to avoid setting "Max Connection Number" to values greater than four. Really see a difference. There has to be one safe and reliable browser that has more customization than Chrome. Temporary Directory defines the path where all temporary files should be stored.

File Types tab File Types tab can be used to change the list of file types that will be taken over from a browser and downloaded by IDM. After selecting connection, you can change username and password. I will share this on my blog too. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and set its value to “0";.(Zero) This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.

Proudly Powered by phpBB © phpBB Group © 1998-2015 mozillaZine All Rights Reserved Autoconnect From MozillaZine Knowledge Base To get Firefox or the Mozilla Suite to establish a dial-up connection automatically We are talking 10% now. You're correct that the HTTP 1.1 spec allows for 2 connections per hostname. You may select a combination of one or more keys suitable for your web browser.

First of all, the browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers preference has nothing to do with Firefox's cache.

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