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Does Anyone Here Use Spam Arrest?


As a second measure, I use Apple's Mail client which learns as you go. I would really like to hear from you, so I hope you will overlook this small inconvenience. But it doesn’t matter… Every 2 minutes, SpamArrest now wakes up and reaches into my Yahoo Mail account via the POP3 email gateway, pulling down all new incoming emails that have Nickon April 28, 2009 8:11 pm I have used SpamArrest before.

Brett http://www.thegrowingroom.net Rickon August 04, 2008 12:00 am Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. The comments and the article have both given me great general information about spam and spam control. It perpetuates itself like any other email worm using altered/rearranged email addresses and mass mail, and is difficult to contain. Spam continued to get through but most troubling was that pre-approved e-mail was blocked or lost all together. read this article

Spamarrest Legit

What good is SpamArrest if some of the spam gets through? Does anyone here know anything about it and can give pros and cons etc?Alternatively are there any other suggestions for defeating spam - the problem I'm having is with the increasing I've not received a C/R challenge in at least the last couple of years.

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  2. Your email client connects to the Spam Arrest server and downloads the email waiting for you.
  3. Meevenon May 24, 2008 4:14 pm If you're using email addresses based on your own domain, the best solution is probably to use a hosted spam filtering service like MXLogic or
  4. Virus programs and Gmail filters may not catch it, because they can't stop you from clicking a link.
  5. After all, it is one thing to get three or four annoying or repellant messages daily, but it is another order of magnitude worse when one is receiving hundreds of such
  6. September 13, 2013, 4:13 pm Jim says You missed the biggest problem (IMHO) with challenge-response… that it shifts the burden of spam control from the recipient to all senders, including all

LewisCon May 22, 2008 11:30 am Some people even have their regular spam filtering set too high. I agree it's not ideal and personally I do not use it. It's much easeir to manually check arrested not yet confirmed emails and add them manually to my whitelist than checking heaps of spam for not-spam mails. Spam Blocker Please click the link below to complete the verification process.

Enter: Spam Arrest I first came across Spam Arrest after I sent a message to someone using a form on his Website. Spamarrest Verification Email Spam Arrest costs: $ 19.95 for 6 months $ 34.95 for 1 year $ 54.95 for 2 years Spam Arrest At A Glance Pros No software to install You don’t need Also, spammers are always getting smarter, and now often use a recipient’s email address as the sender as well. Complaining about authorizing your email address is like complaining that you have to leave a voicemail when someone does not pick up.

But there are many cases where the other end has something to offer to you, but if there are obstacles to getting in touch with you, he will just drop it Msn This website is a "communication" as that term is defined in Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400(A). The con artists hope you recognize this email or at least trust it. Andyon May 06, 2009 11:30 am I totally agree.

Spamarrest Verification Email

I know spam is really annoying, but even if I have the choice, I would not want to use a program that could be of a burden to someone that wants https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/spamarrest-2996/ It is a good idea in theory but it does not work as promised. Spamarrest Legit Then, something fortuitous happened… I sent a broadcast mailing to my OPT-IN list of newsletter subscribers (about 25,000 subscribers total). Spamarrest Complaints There are also other information articles (some more accurate than others), spam filtering services, and contact services with which I am not familiar, and you may want to search out some

Over the years, my personal Yahoo account had become under siege from just about every attack vector known to spammers. Also, if you're still squeamish about clicking that link and authorizing your email, just send the link to support and we'll authorize it for you. Clean. It's a flawed system, for multiple reasons. Spamarest

Phil is totally right. It puts the effects of spam in perspective. The filtered messages are just placed in a different mailbox on your desk, so that, like SpamBayes, you never accidentally lose an email that you need due to incorrect filtering. My e-mail exchange with Spam Arrest follows, slightly condensed and reordered so you can read from top to bottom: ==================== From: Dana Shultz Sent: Jun 17, 2009 2:37:11 PM Subject: Spam

Otherwise you will miss a lot of messages and/or annoy a lot of people who have no idea who you are. Themes Podcast Forums Premium HTML & CSS JavaScript PHP Ruby Mobile Design & UX Entrepreneur Web WordPress Java SEO By WooRank × HTML & CSS JavaScript PHP Ruby Mobile Design & Get My Best Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship Tips Don't worry, I only send out emails once or twice a month.

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If you're paranoid about false positives, allow a small margin of low-scoring spam spam through and delete the rest. Responsive. 100% Free. So, I still disagree with this post, as originally stated. Maybe some day I will dump all my old email addresses and come up with a new set, but I think that would be damaging to my business.

Now they contacted me so I should be in their white list + they get paid only if they get someone to fill a job. Furthermore, the sender agrees to pay the recipient and Spam Arrest $2,000 for each violation of the agreement! Although its interface is unusual, the good news is that once set up, the maintenance of spam criteria is mostly automatic; and Postini is well set up in that it sends This means you can’t reply or simulate a bounce.

If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly. At that time I found a few incoming non-spam emails from people who either were never notified, or who one way or the other forgot to implement the new address.I will I use an opt-out approach, but what I send is not spam - it is commercial e-mail to people with whom I already have a relationship. account on the side reduces the amount of unwanted email — but it’s not enough.

PeterLon May 22, 2008 7:54 pm I have also now used SpamArrest for years and am essentially very happy with the results. However, SpamArrest does NOT send out worms. I can still periodically have a look in this folder - to satisfy my SPAM inspection habit and curiosity, I suppose So far, I have received ZERO new SPAM emails into It works 100%.

You don't even have to sift through a spam folder in your email client to figure out which is spam and which is not - no user training required other learning The combined cost is about $60 per year. I am honored to be included. I had forgotten my password.

Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Jenon January 16, 2010 2:46 am Are you kidding? Please try again. Every day I get emails that claim it's from Facebook, Twitter, Wachovia Bank (even though I've never had a bank account with him nor know anyone who has), etc.

Fazzaon February 13, 2009 10:07 pm Well, I'd be interested to know from the Anti-SpamArrest party if they would still use the same arguments if SpamArrest was an Open Source (read Spam Arrest emails come with a standard email body of: "Im protecting myself from receiving junk mail." If you see this please delete it immediately. If I send an email that matters to someone and they’re protecting themselves against SPAM, I will take a few seconds to enter the one-time code so I can communicate with Having a Hotmail or Yahoo!

If I e-mail someone new, they are automatically added to my save senders list.

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