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Do I Chose "large Disk Support" In Fdisk If Want Win2000? Expert Help Please!

The root partition must be big enough to hold all your Linux programs and files (Please refer to your Linux documentation to find out the exact size. Everything stored on the partition counts as data, including Free DOS. The gurus on the video forum I visit frequently say the FAT32 systems do have a 4Gig file size limit, and NTFS is not limited to 4Gig file sizes. Next, I choose to delete logical DOS drive(s) in the Extended Partition.

Then, "what are you going to do with it?" Maybe you said that in your question but let me cover a few items next for our/your understanding.(1) If this is some If you are reading this, you probably belong to this group. I actually, by a little study with trial & error was able to pull my own hind part out of a firey situation using this learned method. To load TS Rs (Terminate and Stay Resident programs) into Upper Memory Blocks or high memeory in fdauto.bat or autoexec.bat add “lh” before the path to and name of the TSR.

At this point, I realize that I goofed up by not being sufficiently prepared before starting setup. The fat32 and ntfs were both installed the same way w/ the exact same drivers. Slithy Tove, Aug 5, 2002 #6 joeAgain------ Thread Starter Joined: Mar 13, 2002 Messages: 1,183 Yes, Slithy I guess I wasn't clear on that....file size limitation is exactly the issue and bjorndahlen, here's something I found: http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/if/ide/confTiming-c.html so I guess it depends on how new his mobo is, probably... ;-) 0 Message Expert Comment by:heuristick ID: 81207522003-03-12 sorry!

You can partition the new disk ahead of time, but get you W98 system up and stable before you fool with the W2K installation. Add following line into the section [operating systems]: c:.sys=Free DOS Now you have finished and you can choose in the boot menu what os you want to launch. Most OSs can be installed and booted from only primary partitions. Note: When booting straight to the MS-DOS prompt on boot up, the system does not provide long filename support.

Your harddisk partition is now ready to store Free DOS and other data. (March 10, 2006, at 12:24 AM) Configure settings Configure settings The installation process allows you to configure several The disc is a FreeDOS disk when it finds AUTORUN.BAT, either directly on disc or inside a FreeDOS ISO file stored on CD-ROM under the name FDBOOTCD.ISO (October 20, 2005, at If no suitable partition is found, Free DOS F Disk will be automatically launched so you can create a partition. this content This means after changing your partition layout (using Fdisk or another similar program) you will need to reboot.

Perhaps they just got sick of Windows. I realized also that ntfs is very good b/c it is almost as good performance wise w/ a 2 mbps transfer rate (my hard drive is messed up), than w/ a and largest drive is partitioned in two parts only of 116GB each.All perform flawlessly.I have another backup system running W98SE with two harddrives. The rest of the data, I transfer to the C drive.

solved Microsoft Word Lagging solved Fsx microsoft external hdd Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Denmark Norway Finland Russia France Turkey Germany UK Italy USA Subscribe to You can create a primary partition up to the full capacity of the disk. TUTORIAL: Creating a primary partition for Free DOS, using the F Disk program Partitioning with F Disk is fairly simple and straightforward. First you need a partition with FAT 32.

When you reboot, XP should be able to see the new drive. Travel with the mouse to a location on the new hard drive comparable to that of the old. D drive has 5 GB free space out of about 19 GB. Once you insert the CD and restart, the setup process begins.

Install Win98 on C: drive after it's settled, Boot up into Win98, insert the Xp CD, it will ask if you want to upgrade (no) - select a clean install and My primary HD is a 20gig Maxtor, and the slave HD is a 100gig Western Digital HD. In addition, disk utilities that were not designated explicitly for the FAT32 file system will not be able to work with this disk. In addition, disk > utilities > > that were not designated explicitly for the FAT32 file system will not be > > able to work with this disk.

Whereas, they uses to provide you the Resource Kit along with the software until they wised up and started selling it as a separate package (boy someone got a perk for bjorndahlen's comment about drive letters is apt, if your old drive had more than one partition (under 98 or earlier OS's) you'll see a new primary partition inserted as D: potentially Connect with top rated Experts 20 Experts available now in Live!

Again, if you right click on the drive graphic (or the drive letter above the graphic) you can choose partition and set it's size.

If your are running win2k (or XP), you have more flexability with regard to drive letter assignments. 0 Superior storage. by Cursorcowboy / June 8, 2004 6:18 AM PDT In reply to: Re:Re:win 98 se and new seagate 200gb hd....Part 2 Following you will find my normal document, perhaps not fully I would like it to be the only hard drive for that other computer again, running Windows XP instead of Windows ME. i dont want to spend good money after bad.

If you attempt to copy a file to a disk with identical size, the copy process will fail. You can use them to change partition types and set partition mount points, but that is all. Typically you new drive is faster. Check your M/B web site for the newer BIOS.

If you already have Windows installed, it is almost certainly on a primary partition. http://uranus.it.swin.edu.au/~jn/linux/rawwrite.htm (January 12, 2006, at 11:54 AM) CD-ROM You will need a special program in order to burn an ISO file. Covered by US Patent. I choose to partition automatically, assuming that Linux will create the required partitions out of the available free space on the disk.

Stay logged in Sign up now! Another question(and I think I know the answer to...but want to double check with people here: After I make the partitioned(Win98 and Win2K) hard drive my primary....I want to be able In the following menu, I choose "Create Logical DOS Drive(s) in the Extended DOS Partition". I'd take NTFS and call it what you will.

I exit fdisk and check the available free space on the partitions. FreeDOS mimicks the behaviour of other DOS flavours.

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